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About Us

About Us


Company Profile

Sadia and Ammar  Associates was established in 2011 and It has been managed by committed professional architects in Lahore, having an exclusive experience of Conceptual Designing and rendering state of the art consultancy services in the field of architecture, interior design services, Urban Planning/Master Planning and renovation and landscaping. The company employees are motivated by the devoted personnel

Major Expertise

The company provides comprehensive and integrated services supported by modernized technology at all stages of any given projects for designing.
At the design stage, comprehensive state of the art, designs are produced and specifications are developed by top interior designers in Lahore.
During the design phase particular emphasis is given to the requirements of client and a series of sessions are arranged between the architects, engineers and interior designers to produce a state of the art product.
The services include bidding documents, prequalification of contractors, contract documents, bid soliciting, appraisal and award of document. The services offered also include evaluation of existing problem for upgrading and expansion, to establish continued sustainability for the required purpose or to study suitability for a proposed alternate use. Restoration, refurbishment and modernization projects can be taken and complete range of services offered.
The services at the construction stage include contract administration, quality assurance, monitoring of time schedule, verification of bills and attending to claims and disputes and advice to the client in all aspects of his contractual liabilities and rights.
The company possesses in-house technical expertise in all major areas of its activities and renders services in other areas with associated specialized consultants e.g. HVAC systems, structural engineering, soil test analysis, geographic surveys , electrical/mechanical engineering and environmental control.




Complete Architectural & Interior designing services are offered including preliminary studies, analysis, design preparation of architectural/engineering working drawings, development of technical specifications, bill of quantities and cost estimation. Studies of existing structures may also be undertaken where modernization and safety needs to be studied and modification is planned

Area of

Key areas in which SA Associates offers consultancy services are Residential, Commercial, Town Planning/ Urban Planning, Institutional, Healthcare, Religious, Industrial, Recreational, Landscape, Sports Architecture, ATM Kiosk/ATM Mobile Vans and BANKS, Monuments, Mosques, Offices and Plazas etc


Our Fantastic Team

Muhammad Ammar Javed

Principal Architect
Bachelors in Architecture
UET Lahore

Mrs. Sadia Ammar

Bachelors in Architecture
NCA Lahore

Registered professional architect since 2011. Has  actively practiced the profession both in Pakistan. Possesses skills for analysis, design, detailing and supervision during construction.

Have performed designs for industrial, monumental, commercial, institutional and residential buildings constructed in frame structures and specialized structures e.g. steel structures  energy efficient self reliant  prefabricated structure.

Possess skills for the use of computer based techniques for architectural analysis and design. Familiar with the use of specialized application software like AUTO CAD, 3D MAX,  PHOTOSHOP, CORAL DRAW and a variety of other design software’s.

Familiar with the requirement of national and international standards and codes of practice. Such as standards of American Architectural practice, building codes of design and time saver standards.