What’s it Like Being a Husband-Wife Architect Duo?

What’s it Like Being a Husband-Wife Architect Duo?

Architecture, unlike other forms of art, prospers when conferred and voiced. Dissimilar to poets and sculptors who fight silent battles within their heads to deliver the potential of art inside them, architects thrive when articulated. 

An architect continuously needs to be motivated to create a product from absolutely nothing. Even a single bedroom can be bothersome to design when one lacks inspiration. In times like these, it is best to be surrounded by a partner who influences their creativity positively. And what else can be more efficient than having your life partner by your side? 

How Working Together Looks?

It is no doubt how overpowering a husband-wife duo can be in any field, whether it is the entertainment industry, fashion world, or even politics. Couples like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and David and Victoria Beckham are well-known for their secure love bond and are the leading duos in Hollywood. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the perfect examples that love does exist in professional fields like politics. This long list of perfect couples never ends.

● The same is the case in the architecture industry; a husband-wife duo can become the heartthrob of the whole circle because of the diversity that comes within the mind of two life partners.

● Two partners working together in the same group, in general, are quite beneficial to build a healthy relationship. They tend to become more patient with each other as they both are on the same page. 

● The two partners become more open to discussion and changes. In architecture, when ideas from two diverse minds combine, it always gives off appealing and flawless results.

6 amazing benefits of working as Married Architects together

It is crystal clear that something as creative as architecture looks best when ideas come together from two different people. Here, “two different people” mean two diversely opinionated people loyal to each other, life partners who are compatible enough to transform mere ideas into real-life buildings.

Below are the perks that come with husband and wife working together as architects:

1. A healthy relationship with clients:

The first and foremost thing while being an architect is to build the trust of your clients. No, it’s not easy at all. For some, it may take no time, but for others, it can take anywhere up to the lifetime of their career. But when you and your partner’s relation is already built on love, trust and authenticity, it takes a little to no time to develop a healthy and long-lasting relationship with clients. 

Couples, more often new ones, love to get their dream house designed by a husband-wife duo of architects because they feel some connection with them that cannot be felt with individual architects.

2. A Home-like Atmosphere at Work:

Being already in a love relationship perpetuates a very home-like atmosphere at the workplace. When the two leading mindsets of the company are bonded in a relationship like marriage, it affects the employees positively. They learn how to respect each other’s opinions. Having the same goal act as a driving force for both husband and wife.

 The homey surrounding creates a comfortable space for workers and allows them to express themselves with no restriction, which results in a splendid and ideal piece of architecture.  

3. Brews Creative Ideas:

When an architect is coming up with ideas for any project, it is crucial to have someone give their honest opinion to view it from another person’s perspective and make modifications to it. Who else can do a better job than their partner? When husband and wife are working together, they tend to give each other honest feedback, which automatically enhances the quality of the resultant idea.

4. Reduces the Load of Work: 

It is pretty obvious that when two people work towards the same objective, they share the work among themselves. The same goes for the husband-wife duo when it comes to architecture. Being architecture is composed of drawing the design; it has so many other components to it. It is also an architect’s job to find a material provider, guiding construction workers, instructing engineers, meeting with clients regularly, etc. So, they split up the load of work so that it doesn’t become a burden for either of them. 

5. No More Excuses: 

Another benefit that comes with working as husband-wife architects is that it subsides excuses. The partner doesn’t have to explain why they didn’t come home for dinner on time because now both of them fully understand the amount of work at the office. No more apologies for missing your daughter’s first field day at school or forgetting a friend’s engagement. 

6. Strengthens Their Relation: 

When both husband and wife work in the same field and especially architecture, their relationship undoubtedly becomes stronger. This is because they both understand each others’ sufferings. They suggest solutions to problems they are experiencing, whether it’s a thought block or having difficulty handling a client. They both are always there to offer a helping hand, supporting each other.

Real-life Examples of such Couples

Many husband-wife architect duos have built big corporations after years of hardships and continuous challenges. The key to their success is to trust each other and not to give up. There are some instances too where architects found love in other architects while working in this field.

Let’s look at the lives of such couples who share the same passion for architecture. 

●     Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg 

Jing Liu and her husband, Florian Idenburg, founded an internationally renowned architecture and design firm, SO-IL. They both founded SO-IL in 2008 in New York City. They collectively have achieved so many milestones together. SO-IL has earned many awards, including the Emerging Voices award from the Architectural League, the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program Award, and the AIA Young Architects Award. These accomplishments prove how overpowering a husband-wife architect duo can be. 

●       Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown 

This husband-wife duo is considered one of the most significant architects of the 20th century who has influenced a million people with their architecture. This duo has written several theoretical writings on architecture. They have designed numerous university faculties in America. They have been awarded countless times for their awe-inspiring architectural work. 

●       Billie Tsien and Tod Williams 

Billie and Tod founded their architectural firm, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, in 1986. Their firm is based in New York and specializes in designing schools, museums, and other non-profit organizations. This husband-wife duo has received more than two dozen awards from the American Institute of Architects. They have accomplished so much through their partnership and, most importantly, an unbreakable bond. 


In the end, we can conclude that having your life partner while practicing something you are passionate about, architecture, is like a fantasy. But it also comes with many challenges, which both husband and wife have to go through together. Working with each other can bring countless opportunities which one may never have expected. It gives a chance to both partners to showcase their talent while complementing each other’s’ potential. 

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