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Importance of Internships for Architecture Students

Well, you’ve all heard the term “internship,” and I’m sure you have a lot of questions, the first of which is why it’s so important. An architecture internship is the formal training required to become certified in the profession of architecture, and it is critical for gaining well-rounded experience in both the development and completion […]

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Architecture and Music

A unique idea has no definite source. Anything can catch your attention and inspire you to create something out of the world. All you need is to go over with a fine-tooth comb! The concept of some architectures being inspired by music has amazed the world, and if you ask me, it’s quite impressive. Both […]

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Life of an Architect

Behind the curtain is always a mystery to the audience. But my friend let me give you a hint about how the life of an architect looks like! The backstage of an Architect’s life is an amalgam of Clients’ drama, neverending design rehearsals, and overtime devoir. Listen, wait! the show does not end here, many […]

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