High Rise Buildings: Need of the Hour in Pakistan

High Rise Buildings: Need of the Hour in Pakistan

Keep your buildings and thoughts high – A famous quote by no there than your very own(me)!

High-rise buildings refer to those structures that are exceedingly tall and require a strong foundation. They are the future of the world you can say as these structures are an excellent way to house multiple businesses under one roof, hence saving your time and energy.

In Pakistan, there are many factors that have played a major role in preventing it from becoming developed. One of these is the lack of properly planned structures that save time, money, and space. Here, we shall be considering the need for these huge structures in Pakistan.

History of High-Rise Buildings

Developing structures that aid humanity is an ongoing process that has been going on for a long time. For a long, societies have been making buildings that not only fulfill their basic needs for shelter but also provide them with other benefits along the way, including a sense of affiliation, belonging, saving space, etc.

The magnificent architectural structures of high-rise buildings were first introduced in the 1880s. As with all inventions, human beings recognized the need and decided that these buildings were most efficient in saving more space horizontally while taking up more space vertically.

High Rise Buildings - 4 reasons why they are Need of the Hour in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there has been an ongoing need for development. Being an under-developed country, Pakistan has not yet reached success when compared to other countries around the world. One of the areas where it can stand on equal footing with other countries is in the field of architecture. By taking into consideration the various benefits which high-rise buildings provide, Pakistan can become more established in the current competitive world, Following are some of the benefits, which can do wonders for a country like Pakistan. Each benefit has been added after considering the problem it will solve for the country through the existence of high-rise buildings:

1. Tackling The Decrease In Space:

Being the fifth most overpopulated country in the world, Pakistan is running out of land to meet its needs. There has been a constant demand for more space as the number of people has been increasing. Making buildings that do not have many floors and are still occupying a patch of land is very disadvantageous. In order to tackle the problem of the increase in population and the decrease in space, the benefits of high-rise buildings can be exploited.
As compared to multiple single-story buildings, high-rise buildings take up less ground floor or land. Such buildings have many floors each of which provides the consumers with various opportunities to use this space to their liking.

Having many single-story buildings or buildings with fewer floors creates a need for expansion within a country. For a country, like Pakistan, that is unable to conquer more land, expansion is a farfetched solution. Hence, Pakistan can use these structures, high-rise buildings, to provide more architectural arrangements, which do not demand expansion and fulfill the basic needs.

2. Providing More Residential Accommodations

As already discussed, Pakistan faces overpopulation. The growing number of people have growing needs of accommodation. In addition, the fact that Pakistan is suffering from poverty indicates that buying a separate house or constructing even a one-story house is a privilege that only a few Pakistani people can afford. For a huge percentage of the population, there is a need for accommodation that is not only easily affordable but is also very close to their workplace, family, commercial area, and other places of relative importance.

High-rise buildings provide citizens with highly affordable and reliable dwellings, which do not cover much land area and can be constructed in locations, which fulfill all the required criteria. Such affordable residential high-rise buildings seem to be very attractive to single parents, young adults, and families with an income that prohibits them from purchasing a whole new house. Considering all these advantages, it can most probably be assumed that high-rise buildings can prove to be a beneficial residential location for a country like Pakistan.

3. Economic Growth And Stability

High-rise buildings offer more stability for the economic sector of a country. Considering the fact that Pakistan’s economy is not currently living up to the world’s standards, there is a need for improvement. There are many factors that have made the economy of Pakistan become crippled as it is right now. In order to turn things around, high-rise buildings can provide a great opportunity.


Having state-of-the-art buildings will promote Pakistan’s image in the world. This good reputation will do well for increasing the tourism in the country. All the countries, which are ranked top in terms of tourism, have certain structures that make them stand out and make them seem more modern and unique. If Pakistan is able to exploit the advantages of these gigantic structures, not only can it boost its image, but it can also provide the tourists with more accommodations. Observing an increase in its fame, Pakistan can bring in huge cash inflows from the increase in tourism activities in the country.

Employment Opportunities

By constructing new structures, the levels of unemployment can also be decreased considerably. Pakistan’s economy is highly unstable and unemployment levels are its major contributors. The construction of large structures demands an efficient workforce and intellectual human resources, which can increase employment levels in Pakistan. Providing more job opportunities can increase the living standards of many people who suffer from poverty in Pakistan. Both tourism and employment opportunities can help in making the economy of Pakistan better than it is right now.

4. Environmental Benefits

In the current era, pollution and environmental problems are everywhere. In Pakistan, this problem is also quite visible. Different kinds of pollution are now threatening our environment. High-rise buildings can help control this problem.
Research reveals that trees occupy only 4.8% of Pakistan’s total land area. This percentage is too less when compared to other countries. In order to reserve more land space for trees, there is a need to build more high-rise buildings. Rising vertically upwards, these buildings provide a great use of land space. Such structures will not only fulfill our shelter needs but will also help us in living longer on Earth.

Closing lines:

High-rise buildings are marvelous structures that can bring many benefits in whichever location they are constructed. For a country like Pakistan, which suffers from overpopulation, unstable economy, pollution, and an increase in various kinds of consumer demands, such structures can be very beneficial. High-rise buildings can serve as an excellent opportunity for Pakistan. However, for the execution of the construction of these structures and for exploiting all these benefits, a proper plan must be made.

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