Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect

Behind the curtain is always a mystery to the audience. But my friend let me give you a hint about how the life of an architect looks like! The backstage of an Architect’s life is an amalgam of Clients’ drama, neverending design rehearsals, and overtime devoir. Listen, wait! the show does not end here, many plot twists still linger around to ruin the play. Giving your vision, ambitions, and talent an actual form (especially turning them into buildings) is not shooting fish in a barrel. You need to practice off until you get white hair. Keep reading on to see the actual face of architects’ life in our society.

Factors that Overwhelm the Life of an Architect:

Judging the life of an architect by their appearance is as wicked as judging a book by its cover! Whether you’re a novice or an expert in your profession, there are still some variables that matter the most, those that set you apart from the competition. Let’s go through the journey of the best architects of Lahore.

1. No shortcuts in the Life of an Architect!

One doesn’t get called an architect after High school. They need to complete a bachelor’s degree of 4 or 5 years that might be accompanied by a Master’s Degree, to be legalized. There is no alternative way to become an authorized architect without going through the whole process. After that beginners need to polish skills and exercise their learnings. Moreover, they have to spend most of their time in the influence of successful architects to absorb their knowledge and intellect. They undoubtedly have to work for the donkey’s year in order to make a mark in this competitive market.

A Game of Patience

One thing that applies to all people, not just architects, is to never give up hope! Patience is the key to excellence. Let’s not deny that it’s a long and exhausting process of I don’t know how many years, but believe you me when your efforts eventually pay off and you see a building in front of you that you built yourself, the satisfaction will be well worth the effort.

2. Bidding Potential Clients

So, finally, you’re an architect, now what? As a beginner who will give you work? For a job you need experience, and for experience, you definitely need a job, right? Well, this is the thing most architects go through as not everybody needs to build a building every time and even if they do, why would they choose you?! Even professional architects face the issue of finding trustable clients. Tackling clients is a whole other world. Architects have to go through constant-irritating briefs and continuous changing as nothing ever quite meets a client’s expectations.

3. The balance between aesthetics and essentials

We spend as much as 90% of our lives inside structures so they must be compatible plus have a picturesque view. So yes, providing us with such space is also a responsibility of an architect. They always need to keep the balance thing in their mind as you know no one would want a bathroom in the kitchen. Plus what if your bedroom is right after your main-gate or your bed is placed in the closet. Or imagine having a room with just a couch in it. How is it going to turn out? Well, Your mind is going to explode, that’s what will happen!

Using the space in correct proportions

The purpose and vision of an architect are to improve human life. Create flawless, healthy, and blissful spaces for all activities in life. The infinite variety of these spaces are of no use if not designed ideally. For that, architects have to be very careful. If they wouldn’t take proportions with immaculate care, you might end up having a 6×6ft bedroom. Plus these are the things which a layman like me can point out, technical issues will be way out of our league like ventilation system, sun exposure, and all.

4. Form a trustworthy team

Other fields might give you the advantage of setting up an initial business in which you’re the only player. But when it comes to architecture, it is not entirely possible. You need to form a team at any cost. Vendors, builders, designers are vital factors when it comes to constructing a building. So yeah this is another thing architects have to go through. One thing they have to make sure is their team is trustworthy and reliable. They can not afford any negligence by their company as in simpler words, our lives are in their hands. They give their hundred percent to provide us with safe and secure structures.

On a lookout 24/7

Site visits, materials check, team inspection, client’s phone calls, damage control, weather look over, and whatnot. You will never see an architect having a time of himself. They are always on duty, No Sundays! But this enthusiasm gets rewarded in the form of a completed designed structure right in front of the whole world.

5. Flow with the current of time

Architects need to make sure that their designs are according to the demand of the era. Even if they are designing a classical model structure, It will endure the current circumstances or not. Trust me, it’s no picnic! One more thing that we can add here is they also need to ensure that their design is compatible at all times. Their structure does not get impractical or pointless over time.


So yes, our architects do not have to just study for 5 years, there is a lot more to it! They need to work really hard to stand tall in this market. The life of an architect is as messed up (or more) as any other businessman. So, next time you try to judge any architect by his appearance, first appreciate his struggle to achieve such a position or if he is a beginner, encourage him. Adios mi amigos!

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